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What are the requirements for purchasing a custom Harley Davidson?

Custom Harley Davidson Requirements

The first step in designing a custom Harley Davidson is to determine the intended usage of the motorcycle. This could include daily commutes, cross country treks or scenic trips. The motorcycle the consumer selects should meet their transportation needs as a first priority. Customization elements available to customize the fit of the motorcycle include altering the riding position, foot controls, handlebars, seat and suspension to create a desired feel. The function of the motorcycle can then be modified by adding accessories such as windshields and storage systems. Finally the appearance of the motorcycle can be altered through the use of a custom paint design.

What should I consider when ordering Harley parts online?

Ordering Harley Parts

Ordering Harley parts online does not have to be a difficult process. Most consumers find the process to be even simpler than purchasing parts directly from a dealer. This is because dealer purchases often involve visiting or calling the dealer, ordering the part, waiting for the dealer to order and receive the part and then visiting the dealer again to pick up the part when it arrives. Since most dealers routinely have to order Harley parts many consumers find it easier to simply order the parts online themselves.

However, there are some factors to consider when making an online purchase. Consumers should ensure they are purchasing the parts from a reputable source, verify the correct part is being ordered, search for the best price including shipping and inquire about the lead time on the item including time for acquiring the part and shipping it to the customer. This can be lengthy for items which are not in stock and fees for express shipping can be expensive. For this reason consumers who need a part by a specific date should pay particular attention to lead times.

What should I look for in a 2006 Harley Davidson?

Shopping for a 2006 Harley Davidson

Consumers looking to purchase a 2006 Harley Davidson have a lot of excellent options available to them but before they start looking for the bike of their dreams they should first make a list of their expectations and requirements. Although this step may seem tedious, it really is the best way to find the most appropriate motorcycle. Some of the considerations should include:

  • Intended purpose of the bike including whether it will be used for commuting, racing or scenic rides
  • Comfort level required
  • Cost of the vehicle including maintenance costs
  • Whether or not a new or used bike is preferred
  • Size of the motorcycle
  • Experience level of the rider

Considering these factors beforehand will likely make the search for the perfect motorcycle much less overwhelming because it will greatly reduce the number of options to consider.

What types of Harley Davidson auto accessories are available?

Types of Harley Davidson Auto Accessories

There are a wide variety of Harley Davidson auto accessories available to serve a number of different purposes. While accessories such as bags and racks help to alter the functionality of the bike, accessories such as fuel tank covers and custom painted horns can give your motorcycle a unique appearance. There are also security accessories available including locks and alarms to keep your bike safe.

Can I order Harley Davidson parts online?

Online Suppliers of Harley Davidson Parts

It is possible to purchase Harley Davidson parts online but as with all online purchases, care should be taken to verify the reputation of the retailer and the quality of the products before a purchase is made. This can be done by checking with the Better Business Bureau and searching for independent reviews of the company.

In most cases the purchase of a Harley Davidson parts catalog will be necessary as many retailers require consumers to order their parts by part number. This helps to prevent mistakes in ordering or shipping.

Where can I find a Harley Davidson parts distributor?

How to Find Your Local Harley Davidson Parts Distributor

Contacting Harley Davidson directly is the best way to find a Harley Davidson parts distributor. In many cases they will be able to supply you with the part directly but even when they cannot or you prefer to purchase the item from a parts distributor, they will likely be able to point you in the direction of a licensed parts distributor.

The local yellow pages as well as online Internet searches can also help individuals to find a Harley parts dealer. When using these resources care should be taken to verify the parts are authentic before making a purchase.

How do I know which of the 2007 Harley Davidson’s is right for me?

The Perfect 2007 Harley Davidson for You

By late 2006, it was already possible to purchase a 2007 Harley Davidson. If you were one of the many motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the release of the 2007 bikes, you may have also been overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Harley Davidson offered a variety of styles in several different categories including Sportster, Dyna, Softail, VRSC and Touring. Choosing just one of these bikes may seem overwhelming. If this is the case, speaking to knowledgeable Harley Davidson staff members can make the selection process much similar. These individuals understand each of the motorcycles and can help you determine which one is perfect for you.

How to I go about finding classic bike owners?

Finding Classic Bike Owners

If you want to meet other classic motorcycle owners, contact the AMCA. I've provided a link to their site in my links' area. Start attending classic bike shows and auctions. You'll meet folks just by riding that classic bike down the road, if you're open to it.

What type of Harley Davidson is best for a cross country trip?

See the World on a Harley Davidson Touring Motorcyle

Motorcycle enthusiasts who crave adventures which span from coast to coast will likely enjoy the comfort a Harley Davidson touring motorcycle offers. Some of the features which make a touring motorcycle so comfortable for long distance rides include a reduced effort clutch, additional passenger room and a 50 amp charging system. Additionally Harley Davidson began offering advanced sound systems in 2006 which made riding long distances much more enjoyable. These new sound systems even offer features typically not available in car systems including the ability to add satellite radio, a 160 watt amplifier and a CB radio.

Are there Harley Davidson trikes available?

Buying a Harley Davidson Trike for a Child

A young child who always wants to ride on Mom or Dads' motorcycle would greatly appreciate a Harley Davidson trike. These toddler versions of the real thing feature two back wheels, one large front wheel and exciting lights and sounds that will make the youngsters feel like they are riding their very own motorcycles. While these tricycles are designed for children, adults should always supervise the children while at play to ensure the trikes are operated in a safe manner and to ensure the child does not attempt to ride the trike in the street or in another dangerous location.

How do I replace a Harley Davidson exhaust?

The Distinctive Sound of a Harley Davidson Exhaust

The roar of a Harley Davidson exhaust system is distinctly recognizable to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world but not all of them know Harley Davidson once attempted to obtain a trademark on the unique sound to prevent competitors from duplicating the sound. The sound of a Harley exhaust, which is described as sounding like potato-potato-potato, is a result of the common crankpin V-twin engine design and the original trademark application did not seek to prevent other manufacturers from using this design. Other motorcycle manufacturers argued against the patent and filed motions in opposition claiming their bikes with similar engine designs sound identical to a Harley. Although many Harley enthusiasts still claim they can recognize the motorcycles by sound alone, Harley Davidson does not hold a trademark on the sound.

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