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How can I incorporate my love of Harley’s into my wedding ceremony?

Harley Davidson Rings for Weddings

Harley Davidson style doesn't have to be reserved for certain situations. Couples who love Harley motorcycles can find Harley Davidson rings available for use as wedding rings and wedding bands. Any ring which a couple finds aesthetically pleasing as well as meaningful can be used as a wedding band making it appropriate for couples who enjoy riding Harleys to exchange Harley rings on their wedding day. Couples can even take this one step further by creating wedding sets which include the engagement ring fashioned in a Harley Davidson setting. These items can be custom made but there are also models readily available online for purchase.

What types of Harley Davidson accessories are available?

Types of Harley Davidson Accessories Available

Harley Davidson accessories are a fun way for those who are serious about motorcycles to demonstrate their passion when they are not on their bike. While wearing full leathers and a helmet may not be acceptable in a corporate setting, the use of accessories such as pins and wallets allow Harley fans to demonstrate their sense of style in any situation. Harley Davidson offers a wide variety of accessories which are perfect for this purpose. Accessories include bags, hats, lighters, key chains, pins, wallets, belts, belt buckles wallets and even boxer shorts.

Where can I find Harley Davidson jewelry?

Where to Find Harley Davidson Jewelry

The official Harley Davidson websites offers watches but does not include other types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces or earrings. However, those who are interested in these types of items can find them available for purchase from a number of different resources. eBay.com is just one example of a place to find Harley Davidson jewelry. Typing the search term, “Harley Davidson jewelry” in the eBay search engine on any given day will likely yield many search results. Similarly entering the same term into popular search engines will likely yield thousands of results.

What should I look for when shopping for Harley jewelry?

Shopping for Harley Jewelry

Shopping for Harley jewelry can be a lot of fun but it is likely to be overwhelming as well. Although the jewelry on the official Harley Davidson website is limited to watches and pins there is a wide variety of Harley jewelry available from independent retailers. Items consisting of silver are particularly popular with Harley Davidson riders but jewelry constructed of other metals can also be found.

Can I wear Harley Davidson jewelry while riding a motorcycle?

Riding while Wearing Harley Davidson Jewelry

Riding a motorcycle while wearing Harley Davidson jewelry is not necessarily dangerous as long as the rider exercises some precautions. For example minimal profile rings which fit properly are generally not problematic while long dangly necklaces or earrings can pose a potential hazard. When riding a motorcycle, riders should avoid any jewelry which could pose a hazard or distraction while riding. This includes items such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings which dangle away from the body and can become caught on parts of the bike or the surroundings. Even large rings which impede the movement of the hands should be avoided.

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