Ordering Harley Parts

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What should I consider when ordering Harley parts online?

Ordering Harley Parts

Ordering Harley parts online does not have to be a difficult process. Most consumers find the process to be even simpler than purchasing parts directly from a dealer. This is because dealer purchases often involve visiting or calling the dealer, ordering the part, waiting for the dealer to order and receive the part and then visiting the dealer again to pick up the part when it arrives. Since most dealers routinely have to order Harley parts many consumers find it easier to simply order the parts online themselves.

However, there are some factors to consider when making an online purchase. Consumers should ensure they are purchasing the parts from a reputable source, verify the correct part is being ordered, search for the best price including shipping and inquire about the lead time on the item including time for acquiring the part and shipping it to the customer. This can be lengthy for items which are not in stock and fees for express shipping can be expensive. For this reason consumers who need a part by a specific date should pay particular attention to lead times.



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