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Is the weight of the load all that matters?

Pack it Right

The weight of your load is not the only thing that's important. Pack it Right. Be sure you load your bike so that the weight is distributed correctly. You want a centered, stable load.

What should I take on a road trip?

Safety Kit for Road Trips

Pack a first aid kit, a few flares, a tire pressure gauge, a couple of your favorite wrenches, and a cell phone. That way, if you do break down or go down, you may be able to fix the bike or fix yourself! If you can't, at least you can call a bro or sis (or 911) to come get you!

What if I am involved in an accident?


If you are involved in an accident, or come upon one and need to provide assistance, keep these things in mind. If you can, call 911 immediately. Get professional help!
Remain calm. Check the injured for extent of wounds.Check for clear airways, evidence of breathing, and circulation. Never move an injured motorcyclist,and especially not before checking for head,neck and spine injuries. Cooperate with the police and emergency staff. They are there to help!

How much does poundage carried on the bike matter?

Watch that Poundage

Don't overload your bike! Know what you weigh fully dressed for your ride, and know what your passenger weighs fully dressed for the ride. Weigh whatever other gear that you plan on packing and add it all up! Make sure you are not exceeding the weight load suggested for your bike.

How can I improve my riding skills?

Improve your Riding

How can I improve my riding?
1. Practice riding by riding every day that you can, because if you don't ride every day, your reflexes slow down.

2.Practice braking, turning, signaling and looking around. These skills will improve your riding. They may also save your life!

Why should I wear a brain bucket?

Brain Buckets

Ride Legal. If you are riding in a state that requires brain buckets, put one on! Don't argue freedom of choice here; you chose to enter a state that requires you to wear a helmet. Put it on. Besides, the less contact with the boys, the better, right? Those helmet tickets can be pretty spendy! Why give your hard earned cash to the court system?

What should I do after I buy my first Harley?

Adjust the Bike to the Bod

If you just bought your Harley, get in the wind. Check out the feel of the bike. You'll want to adjust the handle bars, the floorboards or footpegs, and suspension to suit your needs. Harleys aren't JUST about looking good; they're about feeling good in the wind. Maximize your comfort by personalizing your ride.

Why check my bike´s oil every day?

Daily Check

Safe rides demand well maintained machines. Check your bike's oil every day. Give it the once over before you take it out. If you sense there's a problem with your bike, check it out before you get in the wind.

Why take safety courses?

Safety Courses

Please, if you are a beginning motorcycle enthusiast, don't endanger yourself, your passenger, other folks on the road, or that hot Harley that you just bought. Take a Motor Cycle Safety Course. Check out my links to find out about safety courses in your area.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

DOT and Your Aftermarket Accessories

Replacing items such as turn signals with aftermarket products can, of course, be done. As for the legality of your bike after you switch out, well it will vary from state to state. You may/may not pass a state inspection in your area. My advice: call DOT and ask them what the regs are for your locale.

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