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What is a Harley Rally?

What is a Harley Rally?

A rally can be defined as a large gathering of like minded individuals. Therefore a Harley rally is essentially a gathering of individuals who share an interest in Harley Davidson motorcycles. The events which occur at a Harley rally are not standardized but it is logical to assume these events will focus largely on motorcycles. Common activities which take place during Harley rallies include exhibits of vintage and custom Harleys, Harley races and demonstration rides offered by Harley dealers. Additionally the sale of Harley Davidson related items such as clothing and accessories will likely be sold at these events.

What is Biketoberfest?

Insider's Guide to Biketoberfest

Biketoberfest is an annual event which debuted in 1993 and takes place in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event typically offers good food, good music and of course a wide variety of motorcycles on display and motorcycle related events. Some of the exciting events which usually take place include motorcycle shows exhibiting classic and custom bikes, motorcycle racing and demonstration rides offered by top motorcycle manufacturers.

Visitors who plan to travel to this event are advised to book their hotels early as the event is quite popular and nearby hotels may book up rather quickly. Additionally, guessed are advised to protect their valuables at all times and remain aware of their surroundings. This will help to ensure an enjoyable visit to Biketoberfest.

I bought my Harley, how do I join a club?

ABATE Requirements

All you have to do is pay your fees and display an interest in promoting motorcyclists' rights and safety with that payment of the appropriate fees.

I bought my Harley, how do I join a club?


Ladies, are you looking for a great group that caters just to female motorcycle enthusiasts? If so, you'll want to look into W.O.W. That's Women on Wheels. Don't sweat it if you don't drive your own bike; pillion riders are welcome in this group!

How do I find Harley Davidson Events in my area?

Finding Harley Davidson Events

Finding a Harley Davidson event is extremely simple thanks to the interactive events calendar offered on the official Harley Davidson website. This interactive tool enables users to search for events including a number of different criteria. The criteria options include country, state, type of event and date range. The user may wish to fill in criteria for all or none of these options except for the date which must be filled in. The default criteria for each selection is to search all events. However, users can achieve more customized results by entering specific locations or events.

What types of Harley Davidson events are available in California?

California Harley Davidson Events

Harley Davidson enthusiasts who live in California are likely to find a wide variety of Harley Davidson events available in their home state. These events may include informative lectures such as tips on winterizing a Harley, charitable events such as food drives, athletic events such as road races and even family events such as Halloween parties and customer appreciation days.

I bought my Harley, how do I join a club?

Am I club material?

Well, you'll have to check out the club and the club will have to check you out. Still, of course, you are club material. You just have to find the right club! Be sure to find a club that fits you and your lifestyle. Don't get too big for your boots, babe. If you're Hell's Angels' material, then go for it. If you're Harley Owner's Group material, go that way. You know yourself better than anyone else, so pick a club that is right for you.

Should I join ABATE?

ABATE Benefits

Joining ABATE is a great way to meet other folks like you that love to get in the wind. There are plenty of ABATE sponsored events every year that will provide you with fun opportunities to socialize. ABATE promotes education and safety, but that doesn't mean their members don't know how to have a good time!

What are all the brb´s lol´s and roflmao´s in chat?

Chat Respect

If you know you are entering a scheduled guest speaker chat late, don't interrupt. Let the chat flow until there's an obvious "in" for your comment or question.
If it's just a regular chat, still be polite. Comment on the discussion first, don't just jump in and change the subject to suit your own needs.

What do I need to know about attending Harley Davidson events?

Tips for Attending Harley Davidson Events

It is important to remember there are a wide variety of Harley Davidson events available. When most people think of Harley events they envision motorcycle rallies with thousands of participants but many Harley events are on a much smaller scale. Local Harley retailers sponsor charitable events, athletic events and even fun, family events. Participants in these events do not have to own a Harley to participate. They just need to have a positive attitude and an adventurous spirit.

However, when attending large events such as rallies, it is important to exercise a certain degree of caution as you would with any crowded event. These precautions include traveling with a friend or group of friends, keeping valuables secured and avoiding dark areas. Additionally, participants who do bring their motorcycle to the event should never leave the vehicle unattended without securing the bike properly. They should also not leave valuables with the bike while it is unattended.

Should I join ABATE?

Advantages of ABATE membership

Let's see, it's relatively inexpensive and you get a monthly newsletter, THE BAILING WIRE, a sew-on patch and membership card. Plus, you're helping to fund motorcycle lobbyists who will work for your rights? I dunno... should you join? That's a personal issue, but I'd say support those who support you, bros and sisters!

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