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Should I get a Harley Davidson tattoo?

Considering a Harley Davidson Tattoo

Deciding whether or not to get a Harley Davidson tattoo is a personal choice each individual considering this option will have to make for himself. This decision should be considered carefully as tattoo removal is not a simple or inexpensive process and most people who get a tattoo bear this tattoo for the rest of their lives. When considering a tattoo, it is important to thoroughly evaluate your personal feelings as well as the health risks. This should help to make your decision easier. If you still cannot decide it might be worthwhile to wait a few months and then consider it again. If after a few months the urge to get a tattoo has weakened, this is a good indication getting a tattoo at this junction in your life is not a good idea.

What does pegging mean?


Pegging is when one rider pushes another disabled motorcycle and rider with their motorcycle by using their leg. The able rider rides with their foot on the disabled bike's rear foot peg or axle.

How do I recognize a 1%er?


These are the outlaw bikers. They prefer to live by their own creeds and beliefs. Less that 1% of the population lives their lifestyle. Treated like outcasts, they have chosen to dress, act, and live like outcasts.

What is high siding?

High Siding

This means wrecking a bike by flipping it over. High siding is usually caused by releasing the rear break during a skid. Don't try this at home, folks!

Where can I find Harley Davidson owners online?

Finding an Online Harley Davidson Forum

Whether you already own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, are considering buying one or just want to learn more about these vehicles a Harley Davidson forum may be the place for you. These online discussion forums offer a wealth of information from other users as well as the opportunity to ask questions and discuss relevant issues. When joining a Harley Davidson forum it is important to carefully review the forum guidelines before posting to ensure you are not violating any of these rules. This is important because some forums may ban users who make posts which violate the rules.

What is a yard shark?

Watch out for Yard Sharks!

Yard Sharks are those pesky pets that come running out of the yard, straight into the street and try to take you and your bike down! Dogs are yard sharks, baby, dogs!

Are blue hairs and Q-tips cops?

Blue Hair, Q-Tip

NO. Blue hairs and Q-tips are elderly car drivers. You may be alerted to them as they don't always see or respect cyclists. If you hear the Q-tip was caging it, all over the road, it means an elderly car driver was driving over all available lanes.

What´s it mean to put the hammer down?

Hammer Down

This means to accelerate quickly, or to open up the throttle quickly.

What´s the difference between a cage and a cager?

Cage and cager

A cage is a car. A cager is the driver of that car, or someone who drives mainly/only cars.

Define endo and odne, what do they mean?

Endo, Odne?

When you hit a log or something and go back over front, you have just experienced an endo! An odne is the opposite of an endo, when you hit something heading up a steep slope, sending the front of the bike over the back. Odnes and Endos are to be avoided, if at all possible!

How do I become a wind walker?

Wind Walkers

A wind walker is a riding sis/bro that is good to other motorcyclists. So, be good to others!

What does pillion mean?


It means to ride on the back of a bike.

What´s a back door?

Back Door

The last and most experienced rider in your group. This rider is watching over the group. This rider is also sometimes referred to as the Ride Captain.

What does he´s an iron butt mean?

Iron Butt Association

This means he is a member of the Iron ButtAssociation and has ridden at least 1000 miles in 24 hours. He very well may have ridden 1500 miles in 36 hours, or 1500 miles in 24 hours. The Iron Butt Gold Patch goes to those who ride 10 days x 1000 miles each day, consecutively.

How do I participate in a Harley Davidson forum?

Participating in a Harley Davidson Forum

There are many Harley Davidson forums available online. Individuals who are interested in joining one or more of these groups should spend some time reading the previous posts on the forums before deciding which ones to join. In selecting a forum it is wise to choose a forum where there is active participation and the subject matter is interesting.

Once an individual joins a forum they can begin posting. However, it is wise to review the posting guidelines before making any posts. This is important because each forum may have specific rules and forum moderators may ban users for posts which are deemed to be inappropriate. The guidelines may vary widely from one forum to the next but popular guidelines require participants to stay on topic, not insult other members and avoid posting spam.

Where can I find a Harley owners group in my area?

Finding a Harley Owners Group

Individuals who are interested in meeting with other Harley owners should consider joining a Harley owners group. These groups can be very beneficial because they give the individual the opportunity to connect with other Harley owners to discuss relevant issues, compare maintenance tips and even organize group rides. Although there is an official Harley Davidson Owners Group® joining this group is not the only way to meet other Harley Davidson owners. Individuals who are looking for virtual correspondences may consider searching for Harley Davidson forums online where they can converse with other Harley owners. It is not likely that all participants in these forums will be Harley owners but many of them will own a Harley and those that don't will likely have a healthy interest in the subject.

Individuals who are seeking in person meetings with other Harley owners might consider contacting their local retailer for information regarding local chapters of the Harley Owners Groups. These retailers may know of existing groups or may be able to assist you in forming a new group.

What´s pulling a mono mean? What´s a minger?


A mono, or a minger, is just popping a wheelie! Mono meaning one... stands for one wheel on the ground and one in the air.

How do I countersteer?


Countersteering is turning the bike's handlebars in one direction (when moving fast) and having it go in the other direction. Don't try this until you have enough miles of road underneath you and your bike, riders!

What are the health risks associated with getting a Harley Davidson tattoo?

Health Concerns Associated with a Harley Davidson Tattoo

Individuals who are considering demonstrating their love of the Harley lifestyle by getting a Harley Davidson tattoo should consider the health risks associated with getting a tattoo before they make their final decision. Some of the risks associated with tattooing include blood borne diseases, skin infections and allergic reactions. Equipment which has not been properly sterilized can help to transmit diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus and tuberculosis. Contaminated equipment as well as not properly cleaning the tattoo can result in skin infections. These skin infections may be resistant to antibiotics and may cause serious complications. Allergic reactions may also occur. These reactions may be to the dye itself or the gloves used by the tattoo technician.

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