The Distinctive Sound of a Harley Davidson Exhaust

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How do I replace a Harley Davidson exhaust?

The Distinctive Sound of a Harley Davidson Exhaust

The roar of a Harley Davidson exhaust system is distinctly recognizable to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world but not all of them know Harley Davidson once attempted to obtain a trademark on the unique sound to prevent competitors from duplicating the sound. The sound of a Harley exhaust, which is described as sounding like potato-potato-potato, is a result of the common crankpin V-twin engine design and the original trademark application did not seek to prevent other manufacturers from using this design. Other motorcycle manufacturers argued against the patent and filed motions in opposition claiming their bikes with similar engine designs sound identical to a Harley. Although many Harley enthusiasts still claim they can recognize the motorcycles by sound alone, Harley Davidson does not hold a trademark on the sound.



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