Tips for Attending Harley Davidson Events

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What do I need to know about attending Harley Davidson events?

Tips for Attending Harley Davidson Events

It is important to remember there are a wide variety of Harley Davidson events available. When most people think of Harley events they envision motorcycle rallies with thousands of participants but many Harley events are on a much smaller scale. Local Harley retailers sponsor charitable events, athletic events and even fun, family events. Participants in these events do not have to own a Harley to participate. They just need to have a positive attitude and an adventurous spirit.

However, when attending large events such as rallies, it is important to exercise a certain degree of caution as you would with any crowded event. These precautions include traveling with a friend or group of friends, keeping valuables secured and avoiding dark areas. Additionally, participants who do bring their motorcycle to the event should never leave the vehicle unattended without securing the bike properly. They should also not leave valuables with the bike while it is unattended.



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