Harley Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do every 500 miles?

How can I dry my bike easily?

Are blue hairs and Q-tips cops?

How do I countersteer?

How do I know what a back door is?

What´s a back door?

I bought my Harley, how do I join a club?

Define endo and odne, what do they mean?

When shoul I lubricate the bike´s front brake hand lever?

Should I join ABATE?

How often shoul I replace my oil filter?

How do I winterize my bike?

What should I take on a road trip?

What should I do after I buy my first Harley?

How often should I inspect and service my air cleaner?

Are there any bike groups for just women?

What fun will joining ABATE be for me?

Well, will joining ABATE be fun at all?

How can I make my battery last longer?

How can I clean sediment out of my battery?

How can I demagnetize my tools?

My tools are magnetized, what do I do?

Is the weight of the load all that matters?

Why check my bike´s oil every day?

How can I baby my battery?

Can I use hand cleaner to remove grease and oil from hoses?

Do I need a 500 Mile Check Up?

How can I improve my riding skills?

How can you improve your riding?

What if I am involved in an accident?

Who produces Harley- Davidson leather road wear, jackets, boots, etc.?

Why is my bike spitting and farting?

I have a 2000 883 Custom, are the torque specs critical?

How can I maintain my bike´s tool kit?

Any tool kit tips, Harley Angel?

What does he´s an iron butt mean?

How do I recognize a 1%er?

Will unbaffled drag pipes help my bike´s performance?

What´s the difference between a cage and a cager?

My harley won´t turn over, what do I do?

What can I do for turnover trouble?

How do I become a wind walker?

When should I check my brake pad linings?

How can I make my engine last longer?

How can I keep my bike cool when I´m stuck in traffic?

How can I protect my hands and bike when I´m cleaning it?

What are all the brb´s lol´s and roflmao´s in chat?

Why do chatters get PO´d when I just jump into a chat?

What if I get to a bike chat late, can I just jump in?

Am I club material?

Why join ABATE?

How can I get my bike to stop shocking me?

How can I keep my bike from shocking me?

What is a yard shark?

Where can I find a good parts site for the Twin Cam 88b 2001 FXST?

What is high siding?

How can I prevent road rash?

What does pegging mean?

How to I go about finding classic bike owners?

What does pillion mean?

How can I find parts online?

What´s it mean to put the hammer down?

What do I have to do to join ABATE?

What´s pulling a mono mean? What´s a minger?

How can I get excess oil out easily?

How do I drain excess oil easily?

When should I inspect oil lines and the brake system?

Where can I find Solid chrome rear wheels for a 95 Softail Custom?

Where can I find Solid chrome rear wheels for a 95 Softail Custom?

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Can I legally change my turn signals to aftermarket turn signals?

How do I make a funnel, if I need one for an oil change?

How can I make an easy funnel?

Do brain buckets need cleaning?

Why take safety courses?

How can I remove my low rider´s battery quickly and easily?

How often should I lubricate the jiffey stand?

How do I get the battery out of my lowrider?

Should I road test my bike after 500 mile maintenance checks?

How much does poundage carried on the bike matter?

Why should I wear a brain bucket?

Does Harley Davidson have any fun merchandise or accessories?

How do I know if a Harley Davidson belt buckle is genuine?

Does Harley Davidson sell any products for the home?

What should I look for when shopping for Harley Davidson collectibles?

Are Harley Davidson toys appropriate for children?

Does Harley Davidson sell apparel for women?

How do I know if my Harley Davidson clothing fits well?

Where can I buy a Harley Davidson t-shirt?

Does Harley Davidson sell baseball caps?

Should I buy a Harley Davidson leather vest?

How do I know if my Harley Davidson boots will fit?

Are any Harley Davidson shoes fashionable?

How do I find a good pair of motorcycle boots?

How do I care for motorcycle boots?

What should I look for when purchasing used Harley Davidson motorcycle boots?

How can I learn more about Harley Davidson history?

Does Harley Davidson offer factory tours?

Is there a Harley Davidson museum?

Should I consider investing in the Harley Davidson company?

When did Harley Davidson begin operating?

What types of Harley Davidson jackets are available for men?

Does Harley Davidson make jackets designed specifically for women?

How do I know what size Harley jacket to buy?

What types of Harley Davidson motorclothes are available?

What features should I look for in a Harley Davidson leather jacket?

Where can I find Harley Davidson jewelry?

What should I look for when shopping for Harley jewelry?

What types of Harley Davidson accessories are available?

How can I incorporate my love of Harley’s into my wedding ceremony?

Can I wear Harley Davidson jewelry while riding a motorcycle?

What should I look for in a 2006 Harley Davidson?

How do I know which of the 2007 Harley Davidson’s is right for me?

What are the requirements for purchasing a custom Harley Davidson?

What type of Harley Davidson is best for a cross country trip?

Are there Harley Davidson trikes available?

What is Biketoberfest?

What types of Harley Davidson events are available in California?

How do I find Harley Davidson Events in my area?

What is a Harley Rally?

What do I need to know about attending Harley Davidson events?

Where can I find Harley Davidson owners online?

Should I get a Harley Davidson tattoo?

Where can I find a Harley owners group in my area?

How do I participate in a Harley Davidson forum?

What are the health risks associated with getting a Harley Davidson tattoo?

What types of Harley Davidson auto accessories are available?

Where can I find a Harley Davidson parts distributor?

How do I replace a Harley Davidson exhaust?

Can I order Harley Davidson parts online?

What should I consider when ordering Harley parts online?

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