Every 500 Miles

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What should I do every 500 miles?

Every 500 Miles

Change your oil and oil filters every 500 miles. Check those brake pads and linings for wear. While you're at it, give the bike a thorough once over. If you aren't sure how to do it, go see your Harley Service Department, your fav mechanic, or another reputable wrench monkey. Ask to have a 500 mile maintenance check done on your bike- Don't leave! Arrange to hang out,watch,and learn, as the pro checks out your bike. You can learn a lot from a grease monkey. Just be nice! Monkeys have been known to throw their own...well, you know, at people that aggravate them!



8/26/2007 3:46:43 AM
Ol' Harley Rider said:

Every 500 miles ???????? Ever hear about synthetic oils ?
Oil cahnges at 2,500 miles are perfect, especially w/ synthetics. Be sure to change filter w/ every oil change and the "same oil in all 3 holes" is not a real good idea on a modern drive train. Oils are formulated for specific functions, just like the components of the drive train.

Oh, by the way, try calling your local scooter mechanic a "grease monkey or just monkey" and see how quick your scoot turns to " you know what"

1/28/2009 7:14:47 AM
Rollie said:

Change oil every 500 miles?
Glad I've got a Honda! I'd be changeing oil three times a month.

7/24/2009 4:47:48 PM
Woody said:

Every 2500 miles is plenty often. If I had to change fluids and filters every 500 miles I would be changing them every month. A total waste of $.


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