Finding a Harley Jacket That Fits

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How do I know what size Harley jacket to buy?

Finding a Harley Jacket That Fits

Finding a Harley jacket that fits properly is critical if the jacket will be used while riding. Selecting a jacket which will be worn off of the bike is largely a matter of personal preference. In this case the individuals should select a jacket which feels comfortable and looks attractive. However, when selecting a jacket for riding it is important to be more cautious. When trying on a jacket, it is wise to close the jacket, get into a position similar to riding and make movements which are common while on the bike such as looking over the shoulder to make lane changes. This may seem silly but it is quite important. Jackets which are too tight or are cut in a way which restricts movement can impair the rider's ability and make them susceptible to accidents. For this reason care should be taken when selecting a Harley jacket which will be used for riding.



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