Taking a Harley Davidson Factory Tour

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Does Harley Davidson offer factory tours?

Taking a Harley Davidson Factory Tour

Harley Davidson factory tours are available in three of the company's manufacturing facilities. These tours offer visitors some insight into the creativity, dedication and work which goes into designing and building these powerful machines.

The facility in Wauwatosa, WI focuses on providing guests with information on the revolution of the engine design from the early models to the modern models. Visitors also watch a historical video and visit the factory floor where they witness the assembly of Sportster and Buell powertrains.

The facility in York, PA focuses on providing information about the custom vehicle operations process (CVO). This tour also includes a historic video and a visit to the factory floor. Additionally, the PA facility offers a play area for children under the age of 12.

Finally the Kansas City, MO facility focuses on highlighting the manufacturing and assembly processes used in the facility. Similarly to the other factory tours, visitors will start their tour with a short video presentation and will also visit the factory floor to view the assembly process.



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